European Association for Endoscopic Surgery and other interventional techniques
  • Bucharest 3-6 June 2015

    23rd annual EAES Meeting                                                                          



  • "ATOM" the EAES Bile Duct Injury Registry

    The EAES Bile Duct Injury Registry is now open. All surgeons who see BDI are invited to (anonymously) enter their data in the EAES database (either primary or referred).

    To see the paper on the classification, click here.  To download the (new) matrix,  click here

    Thank you for your contribution!!

  • Press

    Critical appraisal by world-known experts
    of major publications in minimal invasive surgery

  • technology corner

    The latest in technology!!! 
  • goes mobile

    The Society of American Gastrointestinal surgeons

    and the
    European Society of  Endoscopic Surgery

    and Springer
    are proud to announce
    that Surgical Endoscopy
    goes mobile and
    launches a free App for iOS and Android!!

World Congress Endoscopic Surgery Paris 2014

Read the post Congress editorial from the 2014 EAES Paris Congress president: a great success!

The 14th World Endoscopic Meeting took place June 25-28, 2104 in the city of light

A record attendance: 1994 participants from 95 different countries:

Top ten:
Japan                        289
UK                             112
Italy                           106
Russia                         74
Greece                        72
Romania                     59
Netherlands                55
China                          53
Israel                           51
France                        48
Post Congress Editorial
“Let the light shine"
Abe Fingerhut
Congress President, EAES 2014
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Click here to see the photos!

EAES Delphi Consensus Process


Starting with the Paris 14th World Congress and the 22nd EAES meeting, the EAES invites you to participate in a modified Delphi Process concerning the two Consensus Conferences on Use of robots in general surgery and Early rectal cancer.

The deadline for submission of comments/suggestions is set for midnight August 17th.
Thank you for your cooperation,
Click here to learn more!!

Amir Szold, MD
Mario Morino MD

EAES web site

The EAES registry for bile duct injury occurring during surgery  ("ATOM") is open

Your participation is needed (anonymity is guaranteed if you so wish)

Click here to see the paper published in Surgical Endoscopy. Click here to see and download (the new) matrix


There are regular contributions to the press-review with currently fifty-one articles from the literture critically appraised by world renown experts

The tips-and-tricks section now features SEVEN videos: right colectomy by Prof Roberto Bergamaschi, splenectomy by Prof Edouardo Targarona, Left pancreatectomy and partial splenectomy by Prof Selman Uraneus, single port cholecystectomy by Prof Luigi Boni, Parahiatal hernia repair by Prof Lee Swanstrom, and Extraperitoneal inguinal hernia repair (with a low cost balloon!!) by Prof Sharma Anil.

Soon to follow!

Laparoscopic iliac-obturatory lymphadenectomy for metastatic melanoma using fluorescence
Laparoscopic Autotrasplantation for complex renal artery aneurysm
Laparoscopic left colectomy with 3 trocar with transvaginal specimen extraction and fluorescence control of the anastomosis

An historical vignette on the history of EAES was written by Prof Jacques PĂ©rissat and others. A new feature will be bibliographies of the surgeons who made history in minimal invasive surgery.  

A new section is devoted to clinical vignettes
The first is on Charles Horace Mayo, by Professor Jon van Heerden

We hope you enjoy!

Mario Morino President                                                  Abe Fingerhut Web Content Manager


2014 Winter Newsletter

Upcoming events

EuroNotes 2014 Frankfurt, Germany 25-27 September 2014
September 25-27, 2014
ESGE/ESGAR/EAES Symposium GI Bleeding Berlin Nov 28-29 2014
November 28-29, 2014
23rd International Congress of the EAES Bucharest, Romania June 3-6, 2015
June 03-06, 2015